Monday, May 26, 2008

Mystic Medusa Says

Capricorn: So long as you don’t let those less steady than yourself rock your confidence, this is a brilliant week for Caps. Emphasis in your health and administrivia sector is auspicious for going back over arrangements and giving them a good tweak. You uncover all sorts of treasures via this process. On a deeper note, there is a distinct undertone of leaving something behind, even if it is just an attitude. All of the astro-weirding favours you making self-regard-boosting choices.

Aquarius: Digging around long-ago-ditched creative projects triggers eureka flash moments as Mercury goes retro in your ars gratia artis sector. Declutter ASAP and see how it alters creativity. Then again, several planets throng the Aqua-relationship-axis. You may be euphoric, operating in several dimensions at once. Monday and Tuesday are best treated with suave caution. Prudence is fashionable again. Don’t push known idiots into a confrontation.

Virgo: The Virgoan vibe this weekend is half decadent, half psychosomatic quirks/fluttery angst. Cherchez le grip. Remember that even Virgos are allowed to have fun and relax. You could schedule it onto a spreadsheet. Monday and Tuesday are tense but revelatory. Keep it ridiculously real as Venus in your vocational sector squares Saturn in your sign. Thursday on is thankfully brilliant as the moon meets Uranus: a sudden but blissful overture or fab breakthrough occurs.

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Blogger Az said...

I really like Mystic Medusa, and I've been ruing the fact that her site is pay-per-scope nowadays, for the weekly ones. But thank you, I am a Virgo, and now I know that today I should get a grip.

10:17 am  

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