Sunday, May 04, 2008

Weekend In A Potato Skin

Friday- Wobblie Pobblie. Managed to somehow pull off a silly show involving Teddy Bears Picnic and Elvis's Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear despite being rather ill still, thanks to a combination of pseudoephedrine cold and flu pills, coffee, vodka and beer. Think Goldilocks, a harness and dildo, latex glove, lube, and a number of stuffed bears wearing hankies and strategically placed undone seams and being violated in various ways. Finale was me in collar and leash, pulling needles out of my head (they were holding on my long blonde wig) and bleeding all over my purple-hanky bear... Worked well all things considered. Rest of night was fun and trashy, was exhausted but hyper from endorphins and so kept drinking beer and dancing and ended up crashing at the Nunnery with a friend. Cuddled and drank cider and ate cupcakes in bed and passed out.

Saturday- Woke up to Nunnery full of Melbournites and residents, ate toast and drank tea and somehow 8 or so of us arranged ourselves to head to Gordon's Bay for a swim. Glad I finally decided to brave the water 'cos it was beautiful and warm once in... dried off on the rocks and headed to Coogee for fish and chips in the sunshine. Back home, bit of a nap and a lovely big chat to the Westie (swoon!) and then onto Madame P's for dinner and Kooky. After much procrastination decided to wear my big black tutu, a padded boxing/footy (?) helmet, fishnet gloves and tights and a strange footy (?) shirt with padded arms, shoulders and front. Boots, white hanky, studded collar. It was an odd combination but it seems to work! Danced, schmoozed, drank, made merry, had a weird altercation with an ex-playmate (sad, 'cos I really did like her as a person- even if she is a bit vague and impossible to deal with she has some really nice qualities and is very sweet and soft) and chatted to my very first Daddy for ages (I have so missed having her in my world, and am SO glad that she is happy and 'alive' again!) and snogged a beautiful bear and had Puppet lift me up above the crowd and spin me around and proposed rude photo shoots for Spunk (the new boy/masculinity mag) and crawled home munted and mostly happy but slightly weirded out around 4am. Turned on the telly and there was the end of a doco I had been in years ago with the same Daddy (missed our part, if it was played in full)- talk about synchronicity!

Sunday- Woke up late, showered and caffeined myself, chatted briefly to the Westie (couldn't help it, its addictive *lol*) and then headed to some odd Potato Art exhibition in the park opposite Madame's. It is Year Of The Spud, and people had made all sorts of things from them and about them, from a giant abacus with spuds for beads to an IPod powered somehow by potato-energy. Stumbled into some other mates, hung out in the sunshine picnicking for a bit and then wandered with Madame up to King St eating her amazing pumpkin (?) muffins. Op-shopped a little, came up to Uni to write and blog and email and hang out in my 'office' for a bit, then should be meeting my mate from Melbourne for a drink before he goes home tomorrow. Phew!

And so, onto the next week... hopefully involving German class, lots of Uni work, submitting my ethics forms, visiting my parents, a trip to SCA to play in the art library and hopefully lots of nights curling up in flannelette sheets reading Armistead Maupin and listening to The Smiths and dreaming of what is happening on the other side of the continent. Ahhhhhh.

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