Sunday, May 04, 2008

Ego Is Not A Dirty Word

Some people keep their egos in a bottom drawer
A fridge full of Leonard Cohen
Have to get drunk just to walk out the door
Stay drunk to keep on goin'
So if you got an ego
You better keep it in good shape
Exercise it daily
And get it down on tape

Ego is not a dirty word
Ego is not a dirty word
Ego is not a dirty word
Don't you believe what you've seen or heard...

- Skyhooks
'Ego Is Not A Dirty Word'

As much as I KNOW I am cute and funny and smart and lovable and curious and generous and sexy and one hell of a shag and kinky to boot and kind to strangers and creative and lively and fun and all round not a bad package sometimes all it takes is for one person to dismiss me and I start to question it all... not for long usually, and I have enough lovely people to pat my head and affirm my worth and enough good things in my life that I can see that I am not a useless failure who nobody loves fairly quickly. The bruises on my ego heal quicker these days but the initial blow still always stings.

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