Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Of Course, I Leave For WA on the FOURTH!!!!!!!!!!

Oh well, seems I shall be missing out on all manner of Sydney mischief for a while- this IS the Sity that never stops... at least I get the pervy play party the weekend before I go. Oh, and MUCH naughtiness awaits me in Perth, so I'm not too fussed really *lol*... But for those of you sticking around:

Wanna ride? Sit on my HANDLE BAR!Welcome to Handle Bar, the fag precinct’s easy peasy tease me pseudo sleaze bar, wide open and pulsing each and every Saturday night.Adding a new layer of filth to Sydney’s festering scum scene, Handle Bar will offer the grimiest respite yet for homos, punks, misfits, slutchops, gaylords, nymphos, lesbos, bean queens, chic freaks, leather daddies plus the usual miscellaneous extraneous plus ones.Resident face slash disc jockeys Seymour Butz, Lovertits, Sveta, Mark Murphy, A-Cybele, Ben Drayton, Matt Vaughan, Johnny Pash and Vinyl Richie will provide a little underground background noise, unless we find far more appealing special guests poached from international touring acts. Add some perfectly nasty performers and a few tasty surprises, and you have the latest greatest den of Sin City iniquity.Handle Bar – starts Saturday 5th of July. Come, take a ride. 134 Oxford St Darlinghurst, Australia



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