Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pained Articulations

Someone mentioned at a seminar I spoke at the other day (with NT and Scragg's alter ego) the way that we all spoke about pain, and different kinds of pains, and that our vocabularly for it was much more varied than most people's. Is that true? Perhaps, as most of us play with it a lot. Was thinking that it might be interesting to get some sort of discussion going regarding different kinds of pain and sensation, eg the sting of 23gauge needle through a pinch of upper arm flesh to the grunt of a 6 gauge hook through a chunk of back, the subtle differences in floggers, the cane vs the paddle, the smack of a hand against cheek, what it is that we all like or dislike about certain types of ouchies, or where and when and how we want certain types of ouchies, what draws us the the scalpel or neuro wheel, what repels us from the single tail or the crop...

Mentioned this to a mate, who has also been consdiering such matters and he said 'but others I can't stand- then there is discomfort...discomfort sucks. and the type of pain I like is dependant on mood. There is "medical" pain- metal through meat etc, its cool- clinical and produces an endorphine rush like you have been injected. just associate diff pains with diff colours, smells and tastes- Heavy flogger is red and warm (but not hot) its comfort pain' and then he had to dash off but hopefully there will be more. Any comments?



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