Sunday, July 06, 2008

Swanning By The River

Travel update: Flight was easy, arrived early. Monster waiting. Home. Rudeness and lewdness and much excited playing with new toys. Repeat. Fish and chips by Swan River, checking out Planet book and DVDs etc, sparkles and bulbulator and... Already cooked brekky and made coffee and become friends with the skinny kitties with the monkey tails and put my clothes in the cupboards and started to settle in to my new home and city. Off for a frolic today in some park or gardens or such, then to Zoo tonight. All is good in the world.

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Blogger Urban (r)Evolutionary said...

welcome to our city.. :)

for a long time, number plates around here read 'City of Excitement'. which i find ironic. but may be about right for you, what with the Monster being here and all.

look forward to seeing you out and about. whenever you can tear yourself away from the house. lol

12:18 pm  
Anonymous Necrotitties said...

Sounds lovely! Keep it up xoxoxo

2:40 pm  

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