Friday, October 06, 2006

Bloody Knuckles

Did have a big rant on emotional labour, monogamy, and being dumped for another woman posted here but pulled it in favour of putting up some nice pix of me earning my black hanky (yet again). Have cried every day for the last three weeks about what happened with me and The Lost Boy, and last night was so horrible and painfully embarrassing that I really can't write about it anymore. Knuckledusters, a razor, Hunter and his Darkling, and a lot of punching and kicking much more pleasant to dwell on. Has been a long time coming, and didn't cry nearly as much as I imagined I would. Still pretty cathartic though, not to mention rather erotic, and reckon I will be feeling the after effects for quite a few days to come...


Anonymous Hunter and darkling said...

the blood on the knuckledusters was awesome, the bloodspatter on the floor beautiful and on your hanky even better. Thankyou gorgeous for your skin, your bravery and those few tears.

Much Love.

5:59 pm  

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