Sunday, February 11, 2007

My Teeth Are Soft and I Can't Make A Fist

'It isn't exactly that I feel sick, just... kind of numb... and I can't make a fist. Mom, you want to hear something frightening? My teeth feel soft.'
- Corie in
'Barefoot In The Park' by Neil Simon

This just about sums up where I was at about 7am this morning when I was bulbing out of my head. Perfectly blissed out, tingling all over, lying around on a beanbag with SharntSayNo squashing and molesting me (cheeky girl). Actually experienced the 'bulbgasm', which is the orgasm you get when you have done so many bulbs that everything just explodes. Yummy!

Didn't end up doing the planned flesh pull as the POP was sick and so there was nobody at the party to throw the hooks. Did end up jellywrestling two boys (lost both rounds but was one of the most fun things I have done in a long time!), experiencing Freeq's new Cat'O'Nine'Tails 'til my back was covered in welts and I was on the verge of crying and my legs were shaking so much I had to be taken down from the rack, then Hunter cut a star into my back and he and Darkling then put some big yummy needles in too (all of this on flesh that was already extremely tender from the flogging) and I bled like a bitch... swoon... Very, very nice night. Lots of very cathartic pain and cavorting, watched some very nice piercing and cutting scenes, caught up with many of my old crew and got lots of cuddles and laughed until my stomach hurt and actually felt really safe and free (something I've not felt many places recently). Came home and pottered about all afternoon doing washing and eating porridge and chocolate, dozing on the lounge and chatting with NattieTheFlattie (who let me put some needles in her chest- yay for being on top!). Half-wanted to go to Gurlesque as Gaylourdes is doing a show and both the Buxom Wench and Ali are cage dancing, but serious lack of finances and social energy make it wisest to stay home and chill watching Dr Katz and Absolutely Fabulous and What's Eating Gilbert Grape etc. Am enjoying all the time I have been spending at home lately. Sometimes one needs to retreat to a safe place for a while.

*update* Phew! Realised the other day that I tended to panic the second I got into my bed, andput it down to the fact that it holds memories of snuggles and shags that I miss (and previous panics). Also, the place was an absolute pigsty. So I decided to rearrange furniture and clear out clutter and while there is still a fair way to go it feels much nicer! Burned a beautiful vanilla scented (!) candle and threw out lots of junk and worked up quite a sweat moving the bed and the enormous table and endless boxes of random bits and pieces and now off to spend first night in my improved living quarters.



Anonymous SharntSayNo said...

You were up for the molesting, plus it was mucho funness :)

Have to keep up the cheeky side of me yanno!


12:46 pm  
Blogger Zoo said...

i am ALWAYS up for been molested by you my dear... YUMMY!!!!!

big huggles, and the rest :P


12:49 pm  

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