Friday, March 30, 2007

Bulging Bags Of Joy

Came back to the ghetto after spending some quality hunting and gathering time in the 'burbs with: two blue eyeliners (one liquid, one pencil), a rabbit mask (for my Oestrus Bunny ensemble), 7 pairs of gloves (lacy, fishnet, ruched, velvet etc, for $2 a pair), some chocolate moulds (courtesy of my mother), a pair of clown pants ($1) and a beautiful new quilt cover and pillowslips (midnight blue fauz silk, embroidered with chrysanthemums and lillies) . And I had collected a blue velvet dressage helmet on the way there. So many dress-ups to play with!

It is indeed a good thing that Whoretic and I have started our project to convert our sunroom cum junkroom into a somewhat more creative space. Think dressing room cum workshop cum studio cum props department. Sewing machine, useful box, wardrobe and clothes racks full of costumes, bags and cartons of plastic fruit and hats and sequins and scraps of fabric waiting to be turned into glorious outfits! It will be fabulous once we have finished sorting it, and I think I will get a lot more projects completed if I can find the glue and the glitter and the gaffa when I need them.

As I type this, Whoretic is riding an imaginary horse around the living room. Sidesaddle of course, in the ruched velvet gloves and helmet, accompanied by various rubber duckies and plastic ponies. The absurd is never far away in this house...


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