Monday, March 26, 2007

Zoo On Tour

If all goes to the current plan I will be in Europe sometime mid-May, for approximately 6 weeks. Hoping to book tickets in the next couple of weeks, so need to work out what cities to be in at what time. So far Berlin, Copenhagen and Amsterdam are on the list of places to go, and maybe pop over to Sweden for a day or two, and maybe New York on the way back home...

To my 'foreign friends': So, where are you all going to be when? What events are on, what art exhibits, theatre, kinky parties, performances, gigs, festivals? (I see that Copenhagen has a queer festival July 9-15th, and I may be able to just make that. What's it like?). Who has spare floor space for me to crash on? Who has naughty friends I have to meet? Also, as well as consuming a truckload of 'culture', I would like to do a show or two if possible, so if anyone knows of any queer parties or fetish events or freak performance nights etc during that time that might need some Zoo, please send me the details.

As I said, still in the planning stages, so if anyone has any suggestions of where to go and what to do please email me or leave a comment here! One thing for sure, I be wanting to track down these Dunst folk...


Anonymous trashie said...

I'm writing a two-page fashion feature (1200 words) for the SMH Essential section (comes out on thursdays) on DIY fashion and costumes to wear to dance parties or special occasions (eg. I have a custom-sized burqa and Amish outfit ordered online which might be photographed). So am sussing out whether u have any such outfits/DIY outfits and, at this stage, a couple of sentences on how you put it together or where you bought it.
We'll have a photoshoot and models can be used if you want privacy, or you can model. Or we could maybe use pix u already have if the quality is good enough (designer said 300dpi or 1MB minimum). Or let me know if there was a good pic in the gay press and we could maybe chase it up.
The fashion ed will select which pix are used, so I'll try and run the outfit ideas past her early so she can give an indication of whether your outfit has a good chance of getting in.
Also, if you have a fave site for sourcing fabrics/inspiration, feel free to let me know. I have about a zillion but might have overlooked something.
Please get back to me by next Monday, April 2.
9282 3876(W - not in on Thursdays)/0422 472 547

6:55 pm  

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