Monday, March 24, 2008

Office Works

Office supplies get me very excited. Especially when one takes a quick trip to Officeworks, and half the shop seems to be on sale, and so for UNDER $70 (!!!) one scores 100 plastic sleeves (for filing articles ands uch in folders), 7 new folders (one for each thesis chapter), three plastic drawers (for keeping bits and pieces tidy on desk), two new highlighters (yellow and green this time) and A FIVE SHELF METAL BOOKCASE (that needs to be picked up somehow). Oh... was so excited I had to grab a coffee and head straight back to Uni to print off more articles to highlight, put in sleeves, file in folders, and put on the bookshelf, all the while admiring my pretty new blue drawers. Bliss can be found in the most commonplace of places! Now I just need the cosmos to deliver me an appropriate desk...



Blogger Miss Y said...

darlin' one...Mr M is on the task re: deskage. In fact may even be scouring some suburbs he knows that have excellent street-pie pickings as I type.
Any fancy specs, best lets us know pronto before he turns up on your doorstep with something.
*blows kiss*

6:34 pm  

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