Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Butch Blah

Fact: I have been crashing at mates' places for a while due to oddness at home/moving out etc. Fact: Some of these mates are butch. Fact: Sometimes I wander about in their hoodies or flanny jimjams at their places. Fact: Sometimes I sleep on the couch, sometimes next to them in their beds. Fact: I haven't shagged any of them during this period of time. Fact: Some of these butchs I have dallied with in the past, but mostly not and none am I currently dallying with. Fact: I am a big old slapper sometimes. Fact: I do tend to find butch of the species attractive. Fact: I do find it possible to have butch mates that I don't shag, or want to, despite being attracted to butchs and being a slapper. Fact: Too many people are willing to jump to conclusions, and expect my behaviour as bad/trashy/ill-considered/rude as theirs would be in the same situation. Fact: I don't let my hard-on make all my decisions, and besides, its not usually where might think it is!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha.... You could have seen that coming a mile away. Silly people. Bec X

10:08 am  
Blogger Zoo said...

Yes, well, it sometimes isn't bad to keep 'em guessing anyway! Latest lusty liaison (in the flesh) was rather femme :)

7:43 pm  

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