Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dreaming Of Bassendean

Woke up sick, coughing heaps and still got sore throat and ears. Early morning meeting with supervisor- told that I really should rewrite the whole chapter I have to hand in to publisher by weekend. Of course, between moving and working and arranging housesit and whatnot have no idea when I will find time to do that much work. Back to old house after meeting to pack more, wait for removalists. I just want this to be over! Still, if I get the bulk into storage today, then in one carload I can take the essentials (clothing, notes) etc on Friday, and clean the room and be done with it. Then, maybe then can I work???? Just want somewhere stable to sleep and write...

Despite all this, can see light at end of tunnel. Oh how I dream of Bassendean!



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