Monday, August 04, 2008

Marvellous Monster Weekend

Despite being a grotesquely mucous-y sinus-dripping creature, I did have a most marvellous weekend! Friday night leathered up and headed to the Court, introduced myself to some very friendly Bears, met up with a couple of mates, ate yummy pizza and olives and drank a couple of pints of Swan (yes, I know!), Monster joined us and we cuddled about for a bit and headed home 'cos it was bloody FREEZING and we were all tired. (Seems some silly minger had burned herself on one of the big gas heaters and so they don't have ANY source of warmth in the courtyard... not very useful in the middle of winter!)

Saturday Monster had a funeral o go to, which was not too bad by the sounds of it (ie they played Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life at the end), whilst I had a wander about Kings Park. Then Monster had to practice for her mates' commitment ceremony next weekend, and there was a bbq after so more quality park time. And then grocery shopping, which was enormous fun (not joking either- I LOVE supermarkets and greengrocers sometimes) and home to lay about and watch stuff we'd taped during the week and cook up a big pile of rice and tofu and vegies and chilli etc. Yummy! And soooo nice just to be all snuggly with the Monster on a Saturday night. Think I am finally starting to get in sync with the pace here, find myself slowing down and getting more homey... its a Perth thing, but its also a suburbs thing, and a shacking up thing, and a having a safe space to live in thing... find myself cooking meals that require more than one pan, and baking cakes from scratch.

Sunday early start for Fungi Walk in Mundaring. Up in the Perth Hills! It is a constant source of delight (and so you will have to constantly hear about it) that the Monster is made happy by so many of the same things that make me happy. Two of us with our fruit and water bottles, hand in hand traipsing through the bush looking under leaf litter, inside cracks in tree trunks, on banksia seedpods and other damp places for fungi, with a bunch of crazy 60+ women with walking sticks and magnifying glasses and a passion for horticulture. We were grinning like idiots, and Monster found the most amazing tiny little jelly mushrooms and, oh, there were so many different kinds in such a small area of bush! A big red one, and these large brown things that looked like liver ('beefsteaks') and something called 'strawberry slime mould' and little brown ones that looked like toffees! Curled up at the edges, shiny, gelatinous, mottled, barely visible or as large as a fist, so many mushies! And then we walked back to the arts centre, and there was a talk by a woman who worked at Symbiotica and did a MA growing 'living' garments, ie, clothes made from fabric with fungi growing through it. And there was a display of textile art using cloth and yarn dyed with fungi, and... well, it was all rather exciting for a young Zoo! Then we checked out the Truffle Festival market thingy, but decided we didn't need to fight the crowds for some overpriced bits of meat on a stick or a piece of CWA sponge and bad jazz, so went to MonsterSister place to eat chockie and drink coffee and look at the baby pix (she's preggers, and has ultrasounds of the little poppet). Then home, me lay on lounge sneezing, watching random docus and the Gilmore Girls while Monster did some work, and then I made a HUGE pile of mushroom risotto and then...

We went to the Zoo! I LOVE THE ZOO! As in the nightclub (though I do love myself too). And I love going to the Zoo with the Monster! We were both wearing blue (her shirt, me dress) and I was wearing a collar, and she had my blue leash hanging from her pants and at some point I became attached to it and remembered just how nice it can be when someone else has their cuff on the left. Melt into puddle of Zoo, occasionally reforming into something solid enough to pull against the restraint. And much champagne, and dancing, and blushing every time she looked at me, and random spanking of mutual friends, and then home to bed. My scalp is still tingling and I keep finding new tender spots on my flesh, and its hard to stay focused on much at all. Just waiting, waiting, waiting for her return. Monsterlove!

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